Our Staff

Our Award-Winning Team

Nate Pope

Nate Pope is the President and award-winning Chief Creative Director. In his free time, he enjoys yacht racing and golfing but will certainly find time to develop a campaign for you.

Richard J. McIntire III

Rest in Peace

Richard J. McIntire, was responsible for public relations strategies and planning, as well as press writing and relations. He enjoyed golf, photography, travel, cooking and humorous conversation.

We miss you Ricky.

Renate Mitchell

Renate Mitchell is the Senior Accounts Supervisor responsible for the implementation of clients’ work. But when not riding herd on the accounts she enjoys acting and fine arts.

Andre Carley

Andre Carley is our award winning Executive Art Director. He is responsible for graphic communications. Andre finds joy in working in the community and helping his neighbors.

Caitlin DeWitt

Caitlin DeWitt is our Senior Social Media Manager, responsible for handling our clients' social and digital media accounts. She is a retired professional volleyball player, avid traveler, cook, and writer who enjoys spending time outdoors and in the mountains.
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